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Organic Thela


Providing Farmers & Consumers with the support they need is the core of our work: We have designed our e-commerce platform as an end-to-end solution for Farmers/Producers, and Consumers at once. Our Website is the only exclusive platform that is dedicated to multiple Organic Brands and Products. It allows our Farmers/Producers to manage & showcase their Products on a Single Platform and Consumers to get the best Organic commodities delivered directly to their homes. We understand that majority of the population(including Farmers) is unaware of the astonishing benefits of cultivating and consuming Organic products. We also accept another truth that the Visibility of Organic Farmers and the Accessibility of Organic Products for Consumers is easier said than done, but not anymore! We all can agree that running an online store is a complex undertaking that requires many processes, from building a website to accepting payments and managing sales. We wanted to take away all of this hassle from our farmers which is why we have come forward to take responsibility for all of it. We have built this platform to create a HUB for the parties to meet at one point and designed it in a way so that it can be extensively utilized by the end users. The Sellers are provided with access to an online portal through which they can manage the Product Listing, Pricing, Discounts, etc. on their own. We have different packages for all type of Producers/Farmers such as "Seeding Package", "Sell to us Package", "Sell through us Package" or "Sell with us Package", each one of them tailored to meet all the diverse expectations of our Producers from an E-Commerce Platform. While catering to bigger issues, we did not forget the necessary features to be provided for our Producers that get onboard as well and that includes creating a simple platform, accessible technical support, integrated payment processing, content management, marketing, order and inventory management, and the list goes on… For our beloved Customers/Consumers, our platform serves as a one-stop solution, where they can reach an extensive variety of Organic Products with a Couple of Clicks. It only takes few seconds to order products online and with our Exclusive. Organic Platform, they may explore/compare or order Organic Products within seconds without hindering there day to day activities. The best part about our platform is that now there is no need of roaming around multiple stores looking for the best and authentic ORGANIC products according to their daily needs.

We feel that Effective marketing strategies are essential to create awareness and attract customers to purchase organic products. By leveraging digital platforms, such as websites and mobile applications, organic produce can be marketed to a broader customer base. Developing an e-commerce platform dedicated to organic products, like, can showcase the benefits of organic farming, highlight the farmers' stories, and provide a convenient way for customers to purchase organic produce directly from farmers.