Delhi Office: Jaivikalpa, Pusa Krishi Incubation, ZTM BPD, IARI Pusa Campus, Delhi 110012
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Jaivik Bazaar

Nurturing Local, Sowing Sustainability

Welcome to the Future of Local Living! In the vibrant tapestry of India's districts, we are preparing to launch Jaivik Bazaar—more than just a market, it's a celebration of local flavors, a gathering of passionate sellers, and a platform connecting communities through organic living.

Our vision

In the future, Jaivik Bazaar envisions cultivating a direct bridge between local sellers and consumers. It's a space where local economies thrive, organic practices flourish, and communities come together.

What we will offer

1. Weekly/Biweekly Markets:

Picture a future where Jaivik Bazaar transforms districts into vibrant marketplaces. Our weekly/biweekly markets will provide a space for local sellers to showcase their organic produce, crafts, and products directly to the community.

2. Local Flavors, Global Impact:

From the foothills of the Himalayas to the coastal plains, Jaivik Bazaar will celebrate the diversity of India's organic offerings. Each market will be a unique blend of local flavors, creating a rich tapestry of sustainable living.

3. Community Connect:

Beyond commerce, Jaivik Bazaar will be a place for communities to come together. Engage in conversations, share recipes, and strengthen the bonds that make local living so special.

4. Educational Workshops:

Jaivik Bazaar is not just a market; it's an educational hub. In the future, we will host workshops on organic farming, sustainable living, and eco-friendly practices to empower both sellers and buyers.

How we will work

Jaivik Bazaar is a mobile initiative, moving from district to district, bringing the essence of local organic markets to your doorstep. Our team will work closely with local sellers, ensuring that each market reflects the unique offerings of the region.

Join the Future of Local Organic Living

In the future, Jaivik Bazaar invites you to join the local organic revolution. Whether you're a seller passionate about sustainable living or a buyer eager to explore local treasures, Jaivik Bazaar is the future place for you.

Follow us on to embark on this organic journey!

Explore, Connect, and Thrive with Jaivik Bazaar - where every market is a step towards a sustainable and community-driven future.